2012 becomes the year of ultrabooks – the new Intel concept of a dream laptop outfitted with a lot of ultra-capabilities and high-end features. These ultrabooks are slim and light, high-performing devices. Whether you are leaving the office or travelling far and wide, you need a laptop with a long-lasting battery. Take a look at our list of top ultrabooks with long battery life.

Dell XPS 14

Longest battery ultrabook

The new Dell XPS 14 is solidly built and powerful. It is also slim and attractive, especially for a laptop with aIntel Core i7 CPU, 4GB DDR3, a 32 GB SSD, a 500 GB hard drive, and discrete graphics. The Dell ultrabook is perfect for those who want the power while playing games, editing photos and videos and watching movies in full HD, but also value specs such as size and long battery life

HP Folio 13

Ultrabook long battery

The new light and ultrathin 13.3-inch HP Folio offers a lot of features that will appeal to everyday users. This new HP model has all the standard ultrabook specs – an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 128 GB Samsung SSD for fast boot and resume times, and a backlit keyboard. Moreover, HP Folio 13 ultrabook gives users about 7 hours long on battery life, which as of now is the best among all the ultrabooks out there.

Samsung Series 9

Best battery life ultrabook

The new 13-inch Samsung Series 9 is incredibly light and thin, with an excellent battery life and a bright matte 1600×900 pixel screen. This perfect ultraportable laptop has all the standard specs: 1.7GHz Core i5, 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM, with Intel 4000 HD graphics and 0.5 inch of height. Moreover, this Samsung ultrabook has long battery life, and its average price is only 1.299. All these features make Samsung S-9 hard to ignore.