What do you need from your PC today? There are a lot of factors such as portability, sound quality, but the most important one is its quick operation. Knowing this, manufacturers of processors work in this field and constantly release new products that enable any computer to process information more quickly. One of the latest innovations is the Ivy Bridge processor from Intel.   Brand Acer has long been holding a leading position in its field.


It possesses excellent price/quality ratio, product reliability, and most importantly – implementation of new trends and innovations. A recent product of Acer – Aspire S5 – is not an exception. It was the first ultrabook equipped with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor. Prior to that, there was the model Aspire S3, the “heir” of which the new product has become. The body has been improved, the productivity and the number of ports have increased, the thickness has been reduced due to a unique device which will be discussed below.

The world learned about this model in January 2012 from an international CES exhibition. It was introduced there as the thinnest ultrabook in the world at that time. Its thickness was 15 millimeters in the thickest point, but currently the Samsung company has released a model with a 14 mm case. But you will agree that when it comes to ultrabooks, the consumer does not feel a few millimeters difference. We shall continue to talk about the appearance of this model; it is in many ways similar to the appearance of its predecessor. The entire body is made of metal, but the black color which distinguishes them, adds some charm to the ultrabook and makes it look businesslike, giving an impression of an expensive model.


We continue our conversation about the thickness of the body. What was it that helped making it so slim? It is all about the unique panel which you will never find in any other product. The ultrabook is equipped with a sliding hinge joint, where various ports such as HDMI, USB, and the others, are placed. Thanks to this solution, Acer killed two birds – reduced body size and increased the number of ports. This innovation was called MagicFlip I / O.


But a device without a high capacity battery has no right to be called an ultrabook. But S5 does have such right – built-in battery will last more than 7 hours. For the thinnest device this is an excellent result.

General description

The screen diagonal is 13.3 inches, with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a glossy finish. Equipped with 255 GB SSD. The ports on the panel are: HDMI, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt.


Having heard of a sliding panel, many consumers begin to doubt the quality of the product and refuse to buy it. But it is not justified, because the ultrabook is very reliable. MagicFlip I / O withstands more than 10,000 cycles, which makes 5 years of daily use of the panel. And in general, Acer has never produced poor quality and perishable goods.


So what exactly is this Acer Aspire S5? It is a very interesting model which contains three highlights – a new Ivy Bridge processor, MagicFlip I / O sliding panel with ports, and the case thickness of 15 mm at its thickest point. Also this ultrabook has a stylish black color which gives it a businesslike and serious look.


The cost of this appealing model should be affordable for American consumers. Let us remember the price of the previous model Acer S3  , its price was one of the lowest for the ultrabooks because Acer does not fall for unnecessary overpricing of its products. Of course, the cost of this device has to be higher than of the previous one because of the newest processor. But a new model is not far off, and prices should drop dramatically.