A very interesting device is presented by the Chinese manufacturer CZC Tech. The novelty is a tablet with a docking station, but the company says that the device has all the characteristics of an ultrabook – it is thin and productive. One of the main features is the display size, which for this ultrabook is 11.6 inches. As for “tablet” component, there is also a functional screen with the Multi-Touch function.


High-speed performance will be provided by a recently released third-generation Intel Ivy Bridge processor. It also allows for installation of up to 4 GB of RAM. The hard drive will keep files of the overall size of 16 to 128 GB.   As mentioned earlier, the screen size is 11.6 inches, and its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, which is the average index. As any other portable computer, CZC U116T is equipped with devices to provide wireless Internet access. Of these, the company announces Wi-Fi adapter and 3G modem.


Video calling is also possible in this model due to the 1.3 megapixel camera, which is a relatively small figure in comparison with other devices. It is conjectured that such essential ports as USBs will be installed both on the docking station and on the tablet component. There will also be a support for MicroSD. Good sound is also expected, and it will be distributed through the built-in stereo speakers.


The presentation of the device will take place at Computex 2012 in Taiwan, which will be held from 5 to 9 June. So far, the CZC Tech has not announced the price of the device, but in the nearest future it should see the shelves of its Chinese homeland.


Another year and a half ago no one knew about such devices as ultrabooks, and even more so, no one would have dared such a purchase. As soon as a few large manufacturers began to produce them, the smaller ones took the fashion, and the ultrabooks filled the market. Perhaps, tablets with docking stations will repeat such a development, and CZC Tech will become the leader in the production of new devices.