Currently the class of Asus ultrabooks is represented by two major models: UX31A and UX21A. However, the company has promised that it will soon begin to lunch new models that will be significantly cheaper. They will be the UX32A and UX32Vd models. If the current Asus ultrabooks cost around 1000 dollarss, these new items are assumed to be $700-800 each.


And if that happens, ultrabooks as a class of laptops can make a quick start and become even more popular because the affordability of their prices is the main reason that will ensure their wide expansion.

In fact, the new models look only a little different from the old ones; they also are 13.3-inchers. They can work for the equally long time – about 5 hours. But they will give way to their predecessors in the type of memory; in these models hybrid hard drives are used.


There will also be increased weight (up to 1,5 kg), which also will not satisfy the users. But still, a relatively low price of the ultrabooks should cause an outburst of popularity.