We got a chance meid to meet Kirk Skaugen, PC head from Intel, and hash over the latest news and developments that were unveiled at the press conference held the wholesale jerseys day before. Our main concern was the ultrabooks’ ability to eventually drive laptops out of the market, the reasons and motivation behind making the Haswell ultraportable machines touch-enabled only, and if there is only one form-factor among many to win the popularity battle.

So, the question is why touch capabilities By were made by Intel a must-have component for ultraportables powered by Haswell chips, with regard to the extra cost and hardware-related power-demands. According to Skaugen, in the of manufacturer’s back-room research with testers having plenty of Windows-8-specific tasks, in most cases they opted for touch features instead of using physical keys, mouse or trackpad.


What is more, he pointed out that mandatory touch removes game playing by the OEMs, who would confuse consumers otherwise wholesale nfl jerseys by introducing twice as many machines (with or without touch capabilities). Stating that this also provides some sort of consistency, Skaugen said “all of the top-quality units have touch, which is a bit spotty today — so, at present, you can opt for a touch-enabled $449 Celeron, while some ultrabooks do not feature touch which is a bit confusing for users.”


We were also interested in his expectations about the time the ultrabook category would replace the laptop one and become considered de facto standard in the market cheap jerseys of notebooks. The Intel’s representative states they are not doing any endeavors to rebrand the laptop and make it cheap jerseys an ultrabook. According to him, he sees ultrabooks as an aspirational series of machines with the $599-and-above price level thus treading a bow-wave of devices underneath it.


The last thing we wanted cheap nba jerseys know was whether consumers have accepted the diverse range of ultrabook profiles and whether one had happened to be more popular compared to the others. Skaugen said that it was early days yet to speak on one brand-synonymous de design, but, up to now, transformers boasting the new North Cape profile are gaining popularity and winning the majority of aesthetics prizes.