As you know, at present the notebooks market has slowed down. This is due to the ever-increasing production of new modified models, with the reliance upon mini-computers. Thus, the number of sales of PCs and laptops is directly affected by such novelties of the recent years as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile electronics are in fashion now, and a lot of manufacturers give their preferences to these devices when choosing the leading positions of the product range. Perhaps, there will be cheap ultrabooks that will become an alternative to rapidly falling in price conventional laptops.


For those who are not aware of the latest innovations and achievements of portable equipment, it may be recalled that ultrabooks are the laptops of small thickness, which at the same time are distinguished by good performance and a long battery life (about 8-10 hours). It should be noted that the maximum cost of such devices will not be sky high – the price will not exceed $1,000. So, soon the expression “cheap ultrabooks” will not cause surprise, but will be perceived as rather real.

Moreover, taking into consideration the tough times on the computer market and the fact that manufacturers are constantly reducing the volumes of production of PCs and the number of staff, the production of cheap ultrabooks can bring domestic producers to a new level of both sales and self-positioning among the world’s leading sellers of portable computers.