This manufacturer of office equipment tends to large sizes, that’s how it has come to the idea of releasing an ultrabook with 21:9 screen format factor. Three years ago, a TV set called Cinema 21:9 was released, a name which shows that its format factor was the same. This is a very large format for watching movies without their prior conversion, as factor of conventional TVs was 16:9.


But to buy one TV for watching movies and the second one for general broadcast would be foolish and very expensive, so this was not a fast-selling model. Let’s hope that the coming device will not repeat the fate of its distant relative, but Toshiba Satellite U840W has already been entitled to be called a quite extraordinary novelty.


This is a very incredible new product because almost all modern ultrabooks have a factor of 4:3, but here we have such a monster. What they want to achieve in Toshiba is not clear. Most likely, they do not want to make “the thinnest and lightest” devices, but there aim is to create a new category for themselves and for their future devices. The brand is succeeding in that, because it is impossible to pass by Satellite U840W without noticing it. It seems that the length of the device is bigger than the width, which immediately draws attention.


The screen is the main feature of the Toshiba Satellite U840W. It is equipped with LED-backlighting and its size is 14.4 inches, with a resolution of 1792 x 768 pixels. This size and resolution ratio cannot be found in any of the competitors’ products. Sound is delivered through the Harman-Kardon speakers which are located under the screen and close to the keyboard. Even with such a large format this ultrabook has an HDMI port to make the image even bigger. Film amateurs will appreciate this device, as well as support for SRS Premium Sound 3D.


These features put in a little doubt on the use of the device for watching movies. TN matrix is not the best option for this purpose; a small diagonal is not compensated by a large factor format. But as it has turned out, the brand does not position the device for movie fans, but offers the user a lot of space on their desktop.    That is, you can open two different windows, for example, one to monitor news on your blog and another – to watch a movie. A very practical and interesting solution.


The device is not equipped with an optical drive which makes Toshiba Satellite U840W weigh 1.57 kg. Its dimensions are also small, so the ultrabook is convenient for transportation. Design of the body is rather mediocre, it is made of plastic inserts and polished metal. But its inner parts are worthy of praise. The newest third-generation Intel Ivy Bridge processor, 10 GB of RAM, support for interfaces, Bluetooth 4.0, and 500 GB HDD are commendable characteristics. There is also a Wi-Fi module and MicroSD input. The cost of this appealing device is close to $1,000. Toshiba Satellite U840W will see the shelves of the shops in the nearest months.