Over the past few years the computer industry has been constantly increasing the pace of production. New models of computers, laptops, tablets, netbooks do not appear on the market every month – they do it weekly and even daily. And there are not “Selling computers on credit” advertisings that are becoming customary, but the ones that are saying “Laptops on sale”. And there is every reason to believe that very soon the day will come when consumers will routinely pass by the advertisings with the words “Ultrabooks on sale”. It is the ultrabooks that are the trump card of the market of portable computers today.


One can say that today ultrabooks are no longer innovation technologies, but a dream that has come true. However, manufacturers are still cautious, keeping in mind the failure of the launch of CULV–notebooks which took place last year. Many companies had relied exactly on this series of portable computers with low power consumption. However, the project turned out to be a disaster; CULV-notebooks did not fill the gap between laptops and netbooks, because they had not showed better performance (in comparison with netbooks). Perhaps the only advantage they had were large displays.

Of course, taking into consideration the declining popularity of netbooks, tablets and desktops, the companies should not risk and immediately release a large amount of new products. After all, buyers, in general, are conservative people, and most of them prefer to deal with the trusted companies, models and features. So now, speaking about “Ultrabooks clearance sale”, one will stumble upon a surprised look rather than a prospective customer.


Nevertheless, the impressive characteristics of the ultrabooks, such as the possibility to equip them with a hard disk of up to 1TB capacity, up to 4 GB of memory, a powerful video card and dual-core processor, do their job. Interest in technical innovations increases. Manufacturers claim that in a year or so (that is, by the end of 2012) the ultrabooks will hold about 40% of the total computer market. Despite the fact that at present the world market, as well as the PC market, is going through the hard times, it may be ultrabooks that will become a lucky move for many companies. However, the production of these small but powerful machines can reduce the prices of traditional laptops, and people will become disappointed with the purchase of conventional computers, whilst the sales of ultrabooks will turn into the most customary event.