Not so long ago – last year, to be more precise – Lenovo released an ultrabook named ThinkPad X1. Its weight was 1.68 kg, and the screen size – 13 inches. But this year the release of the lightest model in the world of ultrabooks – ThinkPad X1 Carbon – has taken place, the device which is vastly superior to its predecessor in its characteristics.


As it has already been mentioned, the new model received the title of the lightest ultrabook in the world equipped with 14-inch screen. We now turn to the comparison: device weighs 1.36 kg, and the screen size has been increased by one inch. That is, the screen resolution has been changed from 1366 x 768 to 1600 x 900 pixels together with reduction of weight.


You have to agree that this is the progress! Appearance is also worthy of praise – the lid is made of carbon fiber, and the ultrabook itself has become thinner, now its thickness is 18 millimeters. The screen has not only been enlarged, as mentioned above, it is more contrast now and has matte finish.


At Lenovo they have not forgotten about amateur gamers, and have equipped the device with integrated graphics from the leading manufacturer – Intel. It is no wonder that the processor also comes from this manufacturer – Intel Ivy Bridge. DDR3 memory type is 8 GB.


Not long ago HP boasted battery life of 9 hours, but the device was quite clunky. However, Lenovo has outperformed HP in this parameter. Battery life is 10 hours and Rapid Charge Technology will recharge your ultrabook in half an hour. With these dimensions and weight it is very commendable. There is also a backlit keyboard with protection from moisture.


It seems that the ultrabook was created only for video conferencing. Why is it so? You will find more than just a computer with a built-in camera. The model is equipped with a front 720p camera, as well as noise reduction Dolby system which will help you communicate in the noisiest places without any discomfort. There is a 3G adapter, which will come handy in difficult times if Wi-Fi connection is lost. And of course there are two USB ports in this device.