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Dell XPS Duo 12 1767ALU


Product Description

  • 180 degrees rotating screen
  • Futuristic keyboard font
  • 256GB of SSD memory
  • Great performance results for such a small device
  • Full HD 10 inch display
  • While rotating screen fingerprints gets quite annoying
  • Screen doesn’t balance when rotated
  • Rather heavy
The bottom line:

Designed for people on-the-go with the portable size and backlit keyboard this device is ideal for plane and train travel.


Hybrid machines have become one of the key trends in development of high-end PCs. Pursuing success in that niche, Dell brings consummate craftsmanship to the emerging market of convertibles and introduces its new XPS 12 family to the world. Though full specs and details are not available yet, is happy to clear up XPS 12’s mystery for you.


The Dell’s new XPS 12 is standing out in the crowd thanks to its unique two-in-one design: being both a clamshell laptop and a tablet, it boasts a screen that flips inside the hinge like an easel. So, depending on whether you want to use your machine in an ultrabook or tablet mode, that amazing Full HD touchscreen can swivel vertically, locking into either front- or rear-facing orientation. When using XPS 12 ultrabook as a tablet, there is a dedicated Windows button for you to return to the Start screen.


In terms of build quality, the manufacturer has used only premium materials for its techno wonder: the whole system is made of machined aluminum and carbon fiber, which means that it is strikingly thin and light (the device’s weight is just 3.35 pounds), and doesn’t show any flex. The quality of the screen is also impressive: the 12.5-inch display comes behind a Gorilla Glass outer engineered for a combination of thinness, lightness, and damage resistance.


Moreover, the native resolution here is a nice 1,920 x 1,280 pixels. To further elaborate on the display aspect, it is worth mentioning that it delivers 400-nit brightness and offers wide viewing angles of up to 170 degrees, so is the images are incredibly detailed and clear; supporting a variety of multi-touch gestures, the XPS 12’s screen allows for smooth and comfortably responsive navigation (when surfing the web, working with documents or media).


The Dell’s convertible is notable for a backlit chiclet-style keyboard along with a spacious buttonless clickpad, which comes very helpful when you do not want to reach up to the screen.


In terms of performance specifications, the Dell XPS 12 is expected to come powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge technology with processor options up to the Core i7, paired with the integrated HD 4000 graphics. The manufacturer promises that the new convertible will last up to 7 hours on a single charge thanks to its built-in 47-watt 6-cell battery.


In the USA the XPS 12 series is now available for pre-order, so you will be actually able to buy it starting October 26, the day Windows 8 is officially available. In terms of prices, the information currently available points to the numbers starting at $1,199 which is far from cheap.


However, Dell positions its XPS 12 family as the premium one, so if you want to buy a strong performer with those smart touch capabilities, you will have to spend some cash. Anyway, when the ultrabook is officially released for sale, the team will be happy to offer detailed specifications and reviews, including prices, for you to choose the best option.

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