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HP Envy x2

HP Envy x2


Product Description

In view of recent developments in the field of mobile PCs and computing technologies, we are happy to welcome a new Envy x2 member in the HP’s convertible family. This elegant and paper-thin hybrid machine enjoys the advantages of two devices in one – a tablet and an ultrabook. Let’s have a quick look at it.


The new Envy x2 ultraportable’s minimal-looking design impresses with its sophisticated taste and style. All wrapped up in high-quality aluminum, the hybrid’s detachable screen and full-size keyboard feel incredibly solid and expensive, making the whole system a pure piece of art.


Thanks to a dedicated magnets and seamless mechanical latch, that touch-enabled display easily becomes a tablet when separated from the keyboard dock, allowing the users to enjoy their favorite applications, play games or surf the web in the most comfortable way.


Moreover, it cannot go unmentioned that the Envy X2’s 11.6-inch display will go on sale with the mid-range 1,366 x 768 resolution (as is the case for many of upcoming 11-inch convertibles based on Windows 8), 400-nit brightness and will feature decent viewing angles. HP didn’t forget to add an HD webcam on the front and an 8MP camera on the back; coupled with stylus support, all those features create that unique spirit of user-friendly technological advancement which gives the user the chance to become an artist.



The HP Envy x2 dimensions are in line with its elegant design: the tablet is 8.5-mm thick and weights 1.5-pounds, while the keyboard dock weighs 1.6 pounds, summing up into a nice 3.1 pounds.


When it comes to specifications, there not many details are out yet, but HP’s new x2 hybrid is expected to run an Atom-based Clover Trail processor. When the device is released to the stores, the users will be able to buy it with a solid-state memory drive, a long-lasting battery (with an additional 45-percent-capacity unit, built into the dock) and a whole bunch of ports and connectivity options.


Currently doesn’t offer any reviews or price comparisons for the HP Envy x2 ultrabook since it hasn’t been officially released yet. However, as soon as it hits the USA market, our team will be pleased to give you detailed specifications and offer best prices and all the best deals. You are welcome!

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