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Lenovo IdeaPad U310 43752BU


Product Description

Boasting a happy blend of style and comfort, the IdeaPad U310 ultrabook family by Lenovo comes wrapped up in metal chassis which makes the devices feel strikingly smooth, solid and durable. Made out of a single piece of aluminum, the U310 ultraportable can easily resist scratches and any other kinds of damage.


Though plastic, the keyboard including the wrist rests do an excellent job and deliver a comfortable typing experience.

In contrast to other machines in the same category, the reviewed IdeaPad features a full-sized layout. Being the same size as on larger notebooks, the Chiclet keys with a slightly textured finish nicely fit the U310’s smaller keyboard, which makes it easier for typing without making mistakes.

Lenovo IdeaPad U310: Anytime, Anywhere – Enjoy It!


With its IdeaPad U310 ultrabook Lenovo offers you an elegantly slim, fast performing, and ultra responsive yet economically priced machine. The IdeaPad U310 13-incher’s stylish design coupled with a long-lasting battery and intelligent software solutions boosts performance, which makes for adapting to any computing needs.

Premium Build Quality, Slim Silhouette, and Striking Responsiveness

Travel a lot and always on the go? Or being a fan of refined design, ultra-portability, and cutting-edge solutions? Or both? A gracious union of thin profile, performance-boosting technologies and impressive longevity in the IdeaPad U310 series is what you are looking for.


Lenovo unfixes all the established notions on ultrabooks. With the new IdeaPad you can finally enjoy the world-class design and effective performance and save! With the IdeaPad U310, you can finally have it all!

  • A feather-light weight under 3 pounds; 0.59-inch thick.
  • Ultra-fast USB 3.0 sockets.
  • Premium-looking, stylish, ultra-thin profile.
  • Nice LED panel delivers an amazing viewing experience with crisp, clear images.
  • Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di) solution support.
  • Ultra-responsive and accurate glass touchpad that makes for smooth navigation including a variety of multi-touch gestures.

High-End Performance

Thanks to the latest-generation Intel chips, the IdeaPad U310 ultrabook series is ideal for everyday computing and multimedia tasks including the resource-demanding ones. Every U310’s component has been carefully designed and precisely engineered.


Moreover, the Advanced Cooling Technology which helps dissipating heat through the laptop’s keys, has been specially designed by Intel to keep the outside of the notebook cool when it sits on the user’s lap, thus making for a perfect computing experience.

Easy and Comfortable Typing Experience.


The IdeaPad U310 ultraportable excels with a smartly sized keyboard with the innovative AccuType keys by Lenovo, which allow the user to feel more comfortable while typing, especially when it comes to the wrist rests, as well as overall accuracy.

Multimedia Delight.

Packing an HD screen along with an advanced sound technology, the U310 ultrabook offers astonishing visuals accompanied with a rich, immersive audio to make the user feel like in a real movie theatre.

A Pure Style

As a paragon of artistic engineering and carefully chosen materials, the IdeaPad U310 ultrabook series features a thin, book-inspired profile. while relentless focus on details turns a nothing-special device into a unforgettable masterpiece.


The Lenovo’s techno-wonder is all about distinctive textures, refined patterns and an elegant look. What is more, it’s all powered by innovations and cutting-edge technologies including the heat-balancing keyboard powered by a dedicated cooling solution.

All things considered, an IdeaPad U310 ultraportable by Lenovo delivers an impressively pleasant using experience and makes you feel proud of having such a smart device.

Stay Connected And Feel Power To Rely On

Apart from sophisticated design, there is one more feature in the U310 family that can easily catch any user’s eye. Durability and reliability is what makes Lenovo a true market leader and its IdeaPad a top-of-the-list machine.


To begin with, the U310 comes with long-lasting batteries on board that deliver impressive runtimes on a single charge and keep the user productive even when spending long hours away from an AC power source. Going a step further, the Lenovo Energy Management solution allows fine-tuning power consumption and various ultrabook components’ performances, thus extending the device’s battery life and improving its endurance.


Furthermore, U310 machines come configured with ultra-low voltage CPUs specifically designed to increase energy efficiency. Finally, the U310’s real metal casing makes them strong and reliable.

Feel Safe And Sleep Easily

On the security side, there is not a single piece you need to worry about: with your face as the password, the VeriFace face-recognition solution on the IdeaPad U310 will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data.

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