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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 59343898


Product Description

Among other transformer-like gadgets officially introduced by Lenovo this year, is a stylish IdeaPad Yoga, which will be soon available in two flavors – the 13- and 11-inch versions. Both devices are so called convertibles or hybrids, representing a combination of an ultrabook and a tablet. From the below offers boasts (this time we will address the larger version).


First of all, it is Yoga’s design and look that make it so special and unique. The machine is notable for its screen that flips over, like a cover on a spiral-bound book. We have that smart double-jointed hinge mechanism that allows the convertibles’ display to fold all the way back against its rear to thank for that. Thanks to the mentioned hinge (patented by Lenovo, by the way), the IdeaPad transformer can be used in four ways called by the manufacturer notebook, tablet, stand, and tent. Lenovo claims such multi-purpose design makes the Yoga ideal for both content creation and consumption. The manufacturer will be selling Yoga in both business-like grey and an eye-catching orange color scheme.


The Lenovo’s 13-inch Yoga hybrid will go on sale with full HD 10-point capacitive touch display boasting the resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels. Furthermore, that amazing screen supports the IPS technology that allows for wide viewing angles and makes sure the new Windows 8 looks detailed and vibrant.


Concerning dimensions, it should be noted that the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga really impresses with its slim profile and feather-light weight: it is just 16.9 mm thick and weighs 3.1 pounds, so it won’t take too much space and will easily slip into any bag. Despite its small dimensions, the whole system feels solid and reliable.


The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga sports a nice full-sized keyboard and buttonless touchpad. When you flip the machine’s screen back, that keyboard will not disappear from view, it just gets automatically disabled, instead activating an on-screen keyboard.


In terms of specifications, the users will have a chance to buy IdeaPad Yoga powered by an Ivy Bridge Core i5/i7 CPU teamed up with up to 8GB RAM and up to 256GB SSD. Other specs include an USB 2.0 and two 3.0 ports, a media card reader and a full-sized HDMI output plus a long-lasting battery rated by Lenovo for seven hours of life.


In the USA the best starting price for the IdeaPad Yoga 13-incher is expected to be equal to $1,099, while the hybrid’s smaller version – the 11-inch Yoga – will be offered for sale for $799 and up. The gadget fans are welcome to buy their long-awaited IdeaPad transformers in December. By that time, there will be all the price comparisons and specifications, along with the best purchasing advice available on We will keep you posted!

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 59343898











          • Superior quality IPS display
          • Top-notch keyboard
          • Snappy performance
          • Affordable price
          • Takes complete advantage of the of the Windows 8 Metro UI


          • No backlit keyboard
          • Average battery life and average game performance
          • 1080 screen is a thing you’d miss

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