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Lenovo Thinkpad T430u


Product Description

  • Slim, soft-touch feel surface
  • Bright and colorful screen
  • Finger print reader
  • Easily replaceable hard drive
  • 1366×768 resolution
The bottom line:

Lenovo Thinkpad T430u is going to be your portable powerful friend with a large replaceable hard disk drive if you are not afraid of a “outdated” screen resolution.


You may feel that Lenovo makes only expensive premium-line ultrabooks, strongly exemplified by the ThinkPad X1 Carbon with a carbon-fiber chassis. However, the Chinese manufacturer’s product line includes far more affordable ultraportable machines, the ranks of which has now been joined by the ThinkPad T430u model.


This nice gadget was officially announced shortly before the CES 2012 launch, and now sells like hot cakes. We are pleased to invite you to read the below brief review with specifications, and hope that you will join the ranks of those happy users who bought the Lenovo’s techno wonder.


The ThinkPad T430u ultraportable represents a business-focused series designed by Lenovo for the best-in-class performance so appreciated by business professionals. Sporting a remarkably thin chassis, the ultrabook measures only 21 mm in thickness and weighs a nice 4.08 pounds,  which pushes it to the highly portable end in the mobile 14-inchers category.


Its overall design and look is impressive: an aluminum case covered in a soft-touch rubberized paint feels strikingly reliable and elegant. The 14-inch display excels with an anti-glare panel and comes in a standard 1,366 x 768 resolution, with a 720p HD webcam with built-in face-tracking technology.


Speaking of technicalities and specifications, the ThinkPad T430u ultrabook is offered for sale with Ivy Bridge processors (Intel Core i5/i7), up to 8GB RAM, a choice of HDDs (up to 1TB) or a 128GB solid-state drive as well as an optional NVIDIA GeForce GT620M graphics card with 1GB of video memory.


Connectivity options include a HDMI out, SIM card slots, SD slots, USB 3.0, Ethernet ports, a Thunderbolt port, all coupled with 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.


In the USA the best price for Lenovo’s ThinkPad T430u is currently $779 (the base-level configuration). No doubt, you can buy a more advanced version of T430u, though it will make you spend some extra (up to $1,330).

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